Katia Di Perna Bio Image
Katia Di Perna Assistant

Katia works alongside Patricia Di Bello to provide administrative support to the team and great service to our clients.

She is responsible for answering your questions regarding transfers, contributions and withdrawals from registered accounts. She also takes care of the process regarding account opening, address changes and providing online access to view accounts including any questions to do with navigating the website. During tax season, Katia is available to communicate with you or your accountant to ensure the availability of all tax documents related to your accounts with us. Following the death of a loved one, she will assist the liquidators/executors with all the documentation requirements of an estate settlement to help ensure a smooth transition to beneficiaries.

Katia’s background includes various roles within Raymond James, giving her a breadth of knowledge and familiarity with internal processes. Katia is fully licensed to trade.

Prior to wealth management, Katia pursued her passion developing a singing career that has taken her to various parts of the world. She is still involved in singing and also enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons.